Bob didn’t want to go home on Sunday. 

His mother and her partner are arguing about money a lot. She’s told him he’s going to be poor and homeless soon. This terrifies him. He’s now trying to find ways to earn money so that he is not homeless.

She said she only has £3k left apparently. That’s £3k left from the £40k she got from the divorce just over a year ago, all spent on holidays and alcohol.

We told him he will be fine and will always be looked after and he has a home here, and at his grandparents. He’s more worried about where his mum will live. 


She’s not poor enough to have stopped smoking or stopped going to the pub yet but Bob does not see this, he only sees what his mother tells him directly.

She’s started selling Bob’s toys at the boot fair at the weekend.

Poor boy 😦



Yesterday Bob’s mum was on the phone to Bob’s dad for 45 minutes.

She was in floods of tears that her children didn’t want her,she was a failure as a mother, they’re doing really well at school now that they live with their (Respective) Dad (The last one to leave had a tendency to be truant and violent at school, this has stopped practically with immediate effect) She doesn’t know what she did wrong and so on.

Today we had a text to say she’s booked a holiday and we have to have Bob between dates x and y. So bearing in mind that she doesn’t work, and she never spends an entire day with her son(s) during term time (all the fathers have their respective children from 5pm on Friday until 7-8pm on Sunday every weekend, without fail) we are now having Bob for 3 of the 6 weeks of the summer holidays. Last year she wanted us to have him for all 6.

She told her 8 year old Son 2 weeks ago that she’s not paying rent because he’s not bringing money into the house. This will be the 5th time in the last year she’s been on holiday without her children. She’s not taken her children away once in this time.

25/06/15 – And then there was one

25/06/15 – And then there was one

The last remaining other child has moved in with his father.

Bob has been told that all of his brothers are nasty, evil people and it’s good for them to get on with their lives, they are a lot better without any of them.

Absolutely heartbreaking, he now hates and wants nothing to do with his brothers. We shall work on explaining that sometimes the “Adult world” is complicated and that thoughts and comments like that should stay there.

They are his brothers and he should love them until he’s old enough to make his own judgement.

03/07/15 – Get a job

03/07/15 – Get a job

Bob’s mother had a party last weekend so told us we are not having him… Didn’t ask… Told.

Bob came to us after 2 weeks with his mother unwashed, he was covered in dirt. At this family party a man was drunk and “Accidentally” punched his wife.

When his mother got fired from her job after two days, she sat Bob down and explained that they couldn’t pay the rent any more because Bob wasn’t bringing any money into the house, and in a couple of years he really is going to have to start contributing. 

Bob’s father has explained to him that this is not correct and that parents make money to support their children, not the other way round…

In the meantime Bob has been looking at emptying his pocket money jar at our house. He’s worked really hard to earn that money, that money is for him!

She doesn’t work, she gets a lot of money from the government. She smokes and drinks very often. Maybe that should pay her rent.

19/06/15 – The bus

19/06/15 – The bus

Bob’s mother has announced that she is starting a new job on Monday. 

Bob has told us he has a secret and that is that he is getting a bus pass to take himself to school. He is 8 and the school is a 45 minute bus journey and requires that he cross 2 busy city main roads.

Luckily she gets fired after 2 days and the school refuses to let Bob leave unless someone collects him.

15/06/15 – Chance encounter

15/06/15 – Chance encounter

Had to drop off some money for school dinners for Bob (Whilst we give her money for his care the only way to guarantee he gets a cooked meal is to pay for dinners by cheque, that way she cannot spend it)

She was not in, as Bob’s father was walking back to the car, Bob and his mother were walking down the street at nearly 8pm, each with a massive bag of sweets each (500g jelly sweets each) and had pretty much eaten them all.

Bob has already lost many of his teeth. His brushing not supervised when at his Mother’s so naturally he doesn’t tend to bother.