03/07/15 – Get a job

03/07/15 – Get a job

Bob’s mother had a party last weekend so told us we are not having him… Didn’t ask… Told.

Bob came to us after 2 weeks with his mother unwashed, he was covered in dirt. At this family party a man was drunk and “Accidentally” punched his wife.

When his mother got fired from her job after two days, she sat Bob down and explained that they couldn’t pay the rent any more because Bob wasn’t bringing any money into the house, and in a couple of years he really is going to have to start contributing. 

Bob’s father has explained to him that this is not correct and that parents make money to support their children, not the other way round…

In the meantime Bob has been looking at emptying his pocket money jar at our house. He’s worked really hard to earn that money, that money is for him!

She doesn’t work, she gets a lot of money from the government. She smokes and drinks very often. Maybe that should pay her rent.


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