Yesterday Bob’s mum was on the phone to Bob’s dad for 45 minutes.

She was in floods of tears that her children didn’t want her,she was a failure as a mother, they’re doing really well at school now that they live with their (Respective) Dad (The last one to leave had a tendency to be truant and violent at school, this has stopped practically with immediate effect) She doesn’t know what she did wrong and so on.

Today we had a text to say she’s booked a holiday and we have to have Bob between dates x and y. So bearing in mind that she doesn’t work, and she never spends an entire day with her son(s) during term time (all the fathers have their respective children from 5pm on Friday until 7-8pm on Sunday every weekend, without fail) we are now having Bob for 3 of the 6 weeks of the summer holidays. Last year she wanted us to have him for all 6.

She told her 8 year old Son 2 weeks ago that she’s not paying rent because he’s not bringing money into the house. This will be the 5th time in the last year she’s been on holiday without her children. She’s not taken her children away once in this time.


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