Ditched again

Ditched again

So, last night Bob’s mum called Bob’s Dad and it went like this:

“Where are you?”
“I’m at work”
“Oh right. Where can I meet you?”
“Why do you need to meet me?”
“To give you Bob”
“To give me Bob?, it’s not Friday”
“ I know but I’m going out tonight so you need to have him”
“Look, I’ve already told you that I have no holiday left, remember, you wanted to go on holiday this week and you couldn’t’ because I didn’t have any holiday”
<Bob starts crying because he thinks we don’t want him, apparently this is on speaker phone and Bob can hear everything>
“Are you in at 7.30? I’ll come and get him and I’ll work something out”
“Brilliant! <Older son> has a new motorbike and we’re going out to celebrate”

We turn up at 7.30, she’s already dressed and ready to go out, no apologies, no explanation, just waves Bob goodbye and send us on our way.

So, we’ve had him for a week already this holiday, we’re about to have him for another week for our own holiday. We only dropped him back 6 days ago. She cannot even spend a week with him without ditching him for a drinking session.

From speaking to Bob, he’s not gone anywhere or done anything in any case, not been to the park, to see friends, he’s just been in the house and watching horror movies with his Mum “They had a a lot of swearing in” – So not film suitable for an 8 year old and left on his tablet.

Bob’s going to have to go to work with his Dad for 2 days, either that or we cut our holiday short next week, or take holiday away from Christmas… Let’s not forget that Bob’s mum doesn’t work…