New York

New York

The Mother got a job recently, she’s even stuck to it which has amazed us all. Things have appeared to be quite stable. Bob Never sees his mum so every few weekends he doesn’t want to see us but we’ve come to accept that.

For the last couple of months, she’s been telling Bob that they’re going to New York for her birthday in December. She even bought him a passport, he’s been so excited. What 8 year old wouldn’t be!

The dates kept changing, before Christmas, after, before again so we did not know when or if we were going to see Bob over Christmas.

Well, yesterday we dropped Bob back off with her and she announced to Bob and his Father that she was going on the 11th of December, but Bob isn’t coming anymore, her boyfriend is. Oh and by the way, she’ll be away for his Christmas nativity, so we’ll have to go in her place (We have gone to every single one anyway)

We have no idea who is looking after Bob as it is still term time, it is a Friday but she’s not said how long she’s away, or even how Bob is because after this revelation she closed the door on his dad and that was that. Like she was cancelling an afternoon tea, not something that Bob had never imagined doing beyond his wildest dreams.

Absolutely heartbroken for him. I hope he’s okay. 


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