Meth Marks and beatings

Meth Marks and beatings

The weekend before last Bob’s mum asked that Bob be brought back late. She has been “attacked” the day before and had to go to the police station to make a statement.

At 19:30 on a Sunday night. So could we get him back for 9.

When he was dropped back she looked fine and said she’d managed to get back earlier than expected. To us it looked like she’d been out for dinner at her In Laws and knew we’d say no to 9pm when Ginger has school the next day (She has asked and we have said no before, 9pm is just too late). He was exhausted poor kid.


We picked Bob up on Friday just gone and he told us of how he and his mother watched Resident Evil together the night before. He then started talking about a policeman in another film who looked scary because “He was covered in meth marks”.

Delightful from a 9 year old.



Bob had an award at a special assembly at school today. Bless him he’s done really well this last few weeks.

She announces that she’s taking son for a treat. He chooses KFC.

Before the food has even been ordered she’s converted it from ‘eat in’ to ‘take away’ because someone called from the pub so she needs to go home. She drove so they must leave immediately.

Doesn’t even stay in the car and eat her food, she’s instructs Bob’s dad to eat it and sends them on their way.



Before Christmas ginger said he wanted to see his mum more.

So we texted her (This was in November\Early December). We’ll get him Christmas day, take him back boxing day and then pick him up on the bank holiday Monday so that he can have a day with her before she goes back to work.

We get him on Christmas day and she states that we shouldn’t bother, she doesn’t want him, she’s booked the week off between Christmas and new year and she has plans, She’s going away with her boyfriend.