Chlorine lies

Chlorine lies

Bob came to ours a couple of weeks ago with a new fear. Swimming pools.

It would appear that he wanted to go swimming and so his mother told him he was allergic to Chlorine and shouldn’t go swimming. He told us this and I explained to him that is absolutely completely not true. We take him swimming most weeks. He had a rash once about 5 years ago from this float top he had, but otherwise he’s never has as much as a sore eye. If was allergic, he would be bad every time we went swimming.

So, He’s scared of Terrorists on planes, Chlorine, he doesn’t go to beavers because they “ran out of room”, and plently more lies on top.


He obviously went back to his mother’s and told her what I said because she then called Bob’s dad asking to tell me that I was wrong. So Bob’s dad explained the facts to her and her response was “Well, he’s allergic per se”

So not at all. She just didn’t want to take him swimming.


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