We had to have a chat

We had to have a chat

We had to have a chat with Bob over the weekend. Things have finally come to a point.

Bob’s mum told him that she died for 10 minutes when she gave birth to her older brothers. He’s terrified, but it’s absolutely, for so many reasons not true!

She’s also started to angle the stories towards us, Myself and Bob’s Dad. Bob was sick on Monday last so she told Bob that we had given him sun poisoning (Whatever sun poisoning is!), we hadn’t looked after him, we should have put suntan lotion on him (Even though he was in the shade, We’ll forget that my Son was also out and was fine. Neither child and so much of a touch of a suntan, burn or sun anything. And Bob is very fair skinned! He had a bug. Pure and Simple. Bob’s Dad and I have been ill all week too… With a bug…

So Bob’s dad said to him that sometimes his mum takes something that is a tiny bit true (The true part being the labour ended in an emergency C-Section, no one died) and then making a story about it. He then listed a few examples, her being a retired police forensics officer for example. Bob realised already this could not be true, so I think he is starting to get it.

Bob’s Dad then moved onto the trip to America (Already cancelled once because of “The terrorists” even though she still went away without him that weekend she was supposed to be taking him) and said to Bob that whilst we hope she is telling the truth, there is a chance she isn’t so just try not to get upset if it doesn’t happen.

His response “She’s promised she’s taking me in 2018”.

I genuinely think if she doesn’t take him, that’ll be the biggest break in his trust of her. He’ll be just about the same age the other children were when they decided to leave…

It’s so hard because we genuinely are taking both boys to America next year and can’t anything because it’s a surprise.


My bet – when we take him that’ll be her excuse\get out clause, we’d already taken him.

Chocolate tea

Chocolate tea

Bob has to come to us tonight early, his mother has job at a pub. Fab news.

She’s given him chocolate for tea. So much so, even by his own words “LOADS of chocolate” he doesn’t want anything else to eat.

So all he’s has since lunchtime at school is chocolate. And lots of it.



** Additional ** We got a text the other day of Bob’s ‘dinner’ – “Look Dad, I made a face…” That is not a dinner. I’m so glad we pay for him to be fed at school