3rd holiday is a charm

3rd holiday is a charm

Bob was told by his mother that they’re going to Spain for her birthday. She then called Bob’s Dad to regail her relief at not having to endure another Nativity play and they’ll be away.

She then (Supposedly) booked the holiday.

I said from the outset that it wasn’t going to happen but as it got closer I began to think maybe I have it wrong this time.

A week before the holiday Bob’s dad gets a text from Bob to say they’re not going. Bob’s dad calls him – Mother has cancelled the holiday because the “School have moved the Nativity play onto the week they were away and Bob has a part – It’s the school’s fault”

Dad speaks to Mother and she tells him about how they’re strapped for cash and they’ve lost €200 cancelling the holiday but it’s the nativity play you know and, and, and… The usual BS we get.

We then get Bob on the Friday and she’s managed to convince Bob he chose to cancel the holiday in preference for the nativity and it’s his fault the holiday is cancelled and his mother has lost money. We’vce tried to explain that’s not true ans she knew the nativity was the same week before she booked but he’s having none of it. Poor kid.

She didn’t even bother to go to the Nativity in the end either. She had family to go and see.  He did a fabulous job with his part. She’s really missed out.



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