He remembers more then we think… 

He remembers more then we think… 

Today is Christmas. It’s been a lovely day, we were asked to get Bob earlier than every year before, it’s supposed to be midday but this year 10.30, she was going to see her friend, a known alcoholic friend so no surprises there.

Bob has a rash at the minute, it took him to the Dr’s a couple of days ago to get it checked, nothing to worry about thankfully.

As dad put Bob to bed, Bob said “My rash is going away dad, isn’t it” to which dad confirmed the good news. Bob then told his dad about how he remembered when his. Other used needles to get rid of a rash. Bob was  toddler when this happened and his dad ended up at the emergency doctors with him

Dad said he remembered and his mother shouldn’t have done that, it caused him a lot of pain and it was very bad thing to do to your child.

“I’m sure she did it for a good reason dad, probably made it go away quicker”

So he does remember, I wonder when I he’ll realise it wasn’t right…


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