At Bob’s new school, his mother declared on Friday that she was of the opinion that we should be responsible for paying for his childcare. So she booked him into the before and after school club from when it opens at 07.30 and presumably when it closes at 18.00.

She doesn’t have a job at present and if she did have a job, the wages would be such that the government would pay for her childcare. If she had us paying for the childcare, she would be committing benefits fraud and also pocketing an extra €100 per week. 

We advised that we’d gladly pay for after school clubs if he wants to go to them but if she wants someone to look after him when she doesn’t want him, she can pay for it herself or he can stay with us. She immediately cancelled the childcare. 

When Bob’s mother and father were together, she had Bob in full time care from when Bob was months old. She didn’t work then either. 

We’re waiting for a text to say he wants to go to this club on Monday, this one on Tuesday… And so on. 

Place your bets. 


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