Old friends

Old friends

Bob and his mother have been in their new house for a week and a half, which means she has been there for the past 2 weekends.

When Bob was collected last weekend, She said she was meeting up with an old friend. A friend who was a well known alcoholic, Bob’s Dad remembered him well. It’s not our business what she gets up to in her spare time.

When Bob was collected this weekend, She mentioned he was visiting again – and again this is also not our business except that when we dropped Bob back off on Sunday – He was still there and he was still drunk <Edit – He stayed until Wednesday, long enough to paint the house for her, then she drove him home>. Bob was texting his dad at 21.45 – He still hadn’t gone to bed yet.

He’s going to really struggle with school.

We asked that she put more healthy food in his lunchbox. Here’s hoping she does.


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