Still no toys

Still no toys

The weekend just gone we went out for dinner. It’s half term next week so I asked Bob what his plans were for the week.

“Probably nothing” was his response. The following conversation followed:

“Will your mum not take you anywhere?”
“Does she not take you places?”
“Not really”
“Will she make things with you?”
“What, like my dinner?”
“No, things with you – drawing, or crafts?”
“Definitely not”
“Does she play with you”
“So what does she do?”
“She replies to her emails on her phone, she gets a lot of emails”
“Really?, That’s all she does, all day every day?”
“Right… Has she bought any toys for you at your new house?”
“Is that not going to be a bit boring?”
“No, I can play on my laptop all day”

They’ve been there 4 weeks, she’s bought new furniture for the living areas, ordered the internet and painted the house, but not bought toys for her Son. In his room he has a bed, a wardrobe and 3 action figures.

So we went and spent £60 on toys for him. At least he has something else to do now – providing she doesn’t sell them, which is why he never wants to take toys from ours to his other house.


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