Still no change, and this is after 2 talks.

Still no change, and this is after 2 talks.

Got Bob from school

  • Unwashed
  • Teeth not brushed (He forgot, apparently)
  • Hair still dyed black
  • Tired. So tired he has a headache in fact.

His teacher reported that there is a marginal improvement in his behaviour and no change in the work he produces.

He has biro all over his hands where he’d coloured in his knuckles. When I asked where that came from he said “I got bored of my <maths> homework so I started doing this” He scored 29% on this homework. So she didn’t do it with him, she must have just stuck him in front of it and left him – either that or she watched him colour himself in instead of trying and didn’t intervene.

He hadn’t done any spellings. “Mum said that’s your fault for not texting her”

He had a school report in his bag. All red. All of it. He’s gone from being one of the brightest pupils in his class who tries really hard to being “Cause for concern” in every single area. All in the space of about 6 weeks. The 6 weeks he’s lived with just him and his mother.

I looked at the usage report for his tablet. He’s still on it from the moment he gets up until he goes to school and as soon as he gets home until it shuts off.

His mother was out drinking with family this weekend so asked for us to take him to school today. I had him and my son up, dressed and ready to go inside of 25 minutes – Having Bob extra to my son had zero impact on the schedule and I got them both out of the house on time.

There is nothing wrong with Bob. It’s absolutely the environment.



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