Birthday Week

Birthday Week

Bob went back to his mothers on Monday as expected but we’d forgotten to give him his tablet, so Bob’s father took it to him after work.

Bob’s father got there and Bob was upstairs on his own. He heard that his father had arrived, ran down the stairs, took the tablet from him and ran straight back up again. I can see from the logs that’s where he remained until the tablet cut off at 8pm. Standard.

Whilst Bob’s father was there, the mother spoke of her planning her next big birthday celebration where she would be going abroad. Her birthday is in December, so it’s a way off yet. Bob’s birthday is this coming Sunday.

The next day was martial arts so we (Via the childminder) get Bob from school. He was tired again.

He was nice and polite with the childminder, and told her all about the father of his oldest brother and how he shot himself (There are 3 main stories about this father killing himself that Bob’s mum cycles between, and someone completely different (not the father, and very much still alive) on the birth certificate – no one except the mother really knows what the truth is, or who he is – either way, not really something a 9 years old boy needs to know)

He ate everything I gave him and we played with maths – converting fractions, percentages and decimals between each other and both Bob and my child did well, Bob even asked for another number at the end which was music to my ears.

His mother collected him from martial arts and the conversation was thus:

  • She’s bored of the house
  • She needs a job
  • Can we recommend a childminder
  • She’s bored of decorating
  • She cannot afford to buy Bob a birthday present (His birthday is this Sunday)
  • She’s glad she’s not in the city anymore because St Patrick’s day will be better at her new hometown, the city is “Just full of Plastic Paddys”

Now, forgetting the fact that she’s spent the last few weeks buying DIY supplies and decorating the house, and forgetting that she’s just spent the last weekend at the other end of the country at a 3 day family celebration, and forgetting that she has enough money to go out drinking for St Patrick’s day this Friday, She has no money and Bob will miss out on having a present.

I’ve made him a gift and I can’t wait for him to open it. The wool cost me about €2, and a lot of time.

Presents don’t have to be expensive.

She also forgot to hand out Bob’s birthday party invites until very late so we’ve had very little uptake, I’m sure Bob will have a great birthday nonetheless. Because he’ll be with us.


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