On Friday Bob had his parents evening. We intended to speak to the teacher about our concerns and our plan and then Bob’s dad would go and speak to the mother about our concerns about his care and that we’d like to change the arrangement so that we have him and extra 3 nights a week during term time.

We’d use this time making sure he got sleep, good food and homework done.

Unfortunately the mother found out about the appointment and decided to attend also.


So, I took Bob to a friend’s and his parents went to the parents evening. The teacher said what we already knew. He doesn’t do any work, he’s disruptive and the openly heckles the teacher.

His mother proceeds to tell the teacher about how she talks to Bob about astral projections and parallel universes and then the parents evening comes to an end.

As they are leaving the class, Bob’s mother accosts father because he was very quiet in the meeting. He hands her a formal letter with our concerns, our wishes for the sake for Bob’s future and out intentions if we cannot agree by Friday (3 days from now).

Later that evening we get an email, she doesn’t understand the letter but she wants Bob’s passport as she has a holiday to book for him.

She has no money and we’re not idiots so we left that.

On Saturday we spoke to Bob and explained the situation and our wishes and he was more than okay with them. In fact he’s excited to spend more time with his step brother (My son) and also the childminder who, after only a month or so, has become very fond of her.

On Sunday we dropped Bob back and his mother acknowledged Bob, let him in and then shut the door. That’s no great surprise. We were expecting worse to be honest.

Today is martial arts and since Bob started, the childminder has got him (and my Son) from school, I’ve then collected them, we’ve taken them to martial arts and then his mother picked him up. We texted her the usual reminder to put tracksuit bottoms in Bob’s school bag.

This is the response we got:

“I’d like to thank you both for your support over the last 2 1/2 months but I am now back on my feet. I will take him at 6.15 and I will collect him at 7.15 :)”

She doesn’t get it.

We texted her back saying that was unfair on Bob as he likes the new friends he’s made and she needs to respond to the letter by Friday, this isn’t going to go away if she ignores the situation, if she doesn’t agree, it’s going to court.

Her response was he sees his friends during the day, she will let us know what she decides by Friday.

Bob is going to be upset. We’re going to visit him at martial arts tonight to check hes okay.

We’ve sent her an email advising that we feel her actions are to punish Bob’s father, is not in Bob’s best interest and asked her to reconsider.

We shall see. 3 days and we’ll have a direction.


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